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Building & Grounds


All Saints' is situated on a lovely 10 acre park like setting. We have a beautiful site and a lovely church, but it takes some work to keep it this way.

Your participation in ANY of the tasks listed below,

in ways SMALL or LARGE


Grounds Keeping


Examples of Task:

*  Care of Lawn (i.e. mowing, weed/feed,

        water portions when/if needed)

*  Care of flower / plant beds (weed/feed,

        mulching, planting)

*  Care of Memorial Garden (i.e. clear

        vegetation away from stones, mulch


*  Care of Berm area (weed control, mulch)

*  Care of the Field (mowing portions and

        weed control when needed)

*  Tending of forest area as needed (we are

        thinking of creating a walking path

        through the woods!)

*  Spring Cleanup of the yard areas

*  Special Outdoor event-related tasks

        (bug control, tent/canopies up/down)

Examples of Task:

*  Regular maintenance (such

     as air/heat/water filters etc)

*  Minor repairs

*  Backup for weekly janitorial

     tasks (when our volunteer

     janitor is unable to be there)

*  Help with the deeper

     cleaning of church /

     memorial hall (done

     periodically through the


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