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Children & Youth


How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help our programs for young people. Start by saying hello and sharing the peace with them in our worship services! We most urgently need helpers for Sunday Morning, and there are a lot of ways you can get involved! Check out the suggestions here, fill out an interest form at church, or send an email.

Occasional Sunday helpers with Children's Chapel and Nursery

We have a need for people who are willing to "fill in" when the regular staff and helpers are not available. Training is provided and you will always help with another person. You can be an occasional or regular helper.

Godly Play Story Teller

This program is fun and not hard to learn. We have, in the past, had up to six trained "story tellers" and we only have one now! Training will be provided and you will not regret participating in this rewarding ministry with young people. Keep an eye out for Godly Play demonstrations for Adults coming up!

Organize the Acolytes!

We need an Acolyte mom/dad/grandmother/uncle or friend: To organize robes and assist with assigning the correct sizes, help with system to keep track, make sure they get washed periodically, help keep track of new crosses that need to be engraved. We desperately need to inventory our vestments for acolytes and probably order more sizes!

Feed the Youth

They are always hungry! We need people to help prepare food for special youth meetings - is hospitality your gift? Host a youth group gathering or bring pizzas to a kid's event.

Go to a Show!

People who would like to attend the many sports, music, dance, theater, etc. events that so many of our kids are in from All Saints'. We have an amazing array of talent among our youth and many of our parishioners make a point to attend their events. If you would like to get involved by keeping track of all of the different events and letting the parish know when and where they are, we are looking for you!

Keep in Touch!

A group to send birthday cards and encouraging notes to our parish youth as well as those in college or working after graduation from high school. We keep in touch with our families by email and phone and text, but a card or note is really special. We're putting a group together to write and send encouraging notes to all of the wonderful young people who are in our church now, as well as the ones who are far away.

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