This morning Bradley spoke of getting ready for Christmas with such a short season of Advent. But ready or not, thankfully, Christmas comes to us, saving us even from the minor irritation of never seeming to have enough time.

The Third Sunday of Advent gives us a very amazing message…that even when standing in the ashes of one’s life, especially when it is perceived that we are the folks causing our troubles, we hear not damnation, but rather, “Rejoice!”  Bradley talked about that in his sermon for today.

This morning Bradley spoke of Advent as kind of like being on all sides of massive road construction.  There is a vision of a new road, the tearing apart of the old and then the experience of enjoying the new in the here and now.  As a church, we are called to sometimes draw us into a time of construction which simply turn our lives upside down.

This morning Bradley spoke to Mark's Gospel urging us to watch and keep alert. He employed a story about his late dog, Daniel Webster Wirth, to illustrate how that can be done.