In this morning's sermon Bradley basically said, "The's not just for Jesus any more. So rise up. Have no fear."

This morning Bradley talked about when you hear Jesus talk about the sun shining on the good and those not so good, it can be upsetting, unless you remember that every once in a while, you and I are actually in the latter category.  And then it becomes a message of pure grace.

This morning Bradley told two of grace and one of judgment. Grace wins.

This morning Bradley spoke on how we are the light of the word and the salt of the earth. Now we just have to act that way.

This morning Bradley talked about being “fools for Christ” as opposed to being “damned fools” assuring us that there is quite a difference…

This morning Bradley spoke of how Jesus picked his disciples which is considerably different from how we put together a baseball team.

This morning Bradley talked about the saints, not those in stained glass, but actually those identified by the earliest meaning of the word: all of us.  As well he spoke of how we are equipped to change the world.  That and water-skiing.

This morning Bradley talked about the ramifications of the baptism of Jesus in terms of Shasta the Dog being adopted by one of our own.  Nothing like a good dog to make things make sense.




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