This morning, in preaching about Lazarus being raised from the dead and called out of the tomb, Bradley asked that we not only tell the story to those who need the welcomed news of empty tombs, but also to be Christ-like and call people into new life ourselves by word, prayer and deed.

This morning, Bradley somehow made the connection between the blind beggar healed by Jesus and a brand new practice sprung on the congregation that begins next Sunday.  All this fit with Rejoice Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Lent in which we lighten up.

This morning Bradley talked about Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well and how remarkable it was that as a result of the conversation, they both changed in ways that were holy and lovely.

This morning Bradley sort of suggested that given the story of Nicodemus, the Montana State House and Senate ought to just pack up, adjourn, and go to the Windbag Saloon on Last Chance Gulch in Helena and have a beer, and instead of legislating, enjoy living in the spirit.

This morning Bradley preached about the opportunities of ministry which have come our way mostly because Jesus did not turn stones into bread.




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