Pentecost 2017

This morning, prompted by the parable of how one serves the King by ministering to the poor, Bradley gave us reason to believe that our Advent practice of bringing to the crèche,  pet food, food for the food bank, stuffed animal toys for the hospital and warm clothing for our friends at Samaritan House, are not just acts of compassion but that they also are sacramental in nature.

This morning Bradley first reflected on the mass shooting at the church in Texas and then gave his sermon centering around light, even solar light, all of it pointing to the light of Christ.

This morning, with apologies to Perry Mason, Bradley spoke of the “Case of the Crucial Commandment.”

This morning Bradley addressed the parable concerning invitees to the king’s wedding banquet. Remarkably clothed in the love of God is the only ticket we need to rub shoulders with our Lord. 

This morning Bradley mentioned that we all are latecomers to the vineyard but in reality God is perfectly ok with that.

This morning Bradley reflected on Labor Day, how we interact with those who work, and the way St. Paul’s words of wisdom in his Letter to the Romans, can make it be so uncomplicated. 

This morning Bradley spoke of how the plight of a child radically changed the focus of Jesus. And then 2000 years later the horror experienced by kids similarly changed how adults  look at the world through the Ulster Project.

This morning Bradley spoke of the Transfiguration of Jesus and of us, given that we had a baptism at the 9:00 service.  We are not just poetically transfigured in our own baptism, but rather literally changed for people looking at us see not judgment but rather the hope found in Christ in our faces.  That’s real.

With the air conditioning broken and the rector in his blue Hawaiian shirt, the sermon was a bit unusual to begin with.  Bradley spoke of incorrectly putting together a shelving unit, which led him to talk about St. Augustine stealing pears as a kid, and how thankfully it was love and not law which give us insurmountable hope and life.

This morning Bradley helped pull some good news out of some pretty harsh material from Matthew.

This morning Bradley celebrated All Saints' Sunday and the baptism of his granddaughter with this sermon. A good time was had by all.

This morning Bradley spoke to the great complexities of living in our world today prompted by Jesus’ “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's”.  

This morning, after addressing the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Bradley celebrated the Diocese of Montana’s 150th anniversary which commemorates that thanks to God’s grace, we’ve been attracting, for the last 15 decades, a most unusual and unlikely collection of folks into the church…us.

This morning, prior to addressing the whole business of holy tolerance that Paul speaks to in Romans, Bradley first spent time talking about the terrorizing messages sent to Flathead Valley schools which resulted in their closure for three days and the accompanying stress for students, teachers, staff and parents.

This morning, relaying a story from 30 years ago, Bradley talked about some of the resistance out there with having a fellow like Peter, imperfect as he was, chosen by Jesus to be the rock upon which the church was built.  As well, he spoke to the fact that it is through forgiveness that we become the body upon which the gates of hades cannot prevail.

This morning, Bradley offered his thoughts on the tragic and disturbing events in Charlottesville, Virginia and then continued with his sermon speaking of Jesus, St. Peter, and all of us, who are called to walk on water.

This morning, prompted by the parable of the sower, Bradley helped us celebrate our diocese's 150th anniversary, anticipate a baptism coming our way, and wished beloved parishioners well as they travel to Maine.  Such is the nature of the church.

This morning we celebrated Independence Day and Bradley talk about our membership in the nation and the means by which we celebrate that, from paying taxes to taking the dog to visit folks at convalescent homes.  Happy 4th!

After reflecting on the shooting of representative Steve Scalise, Bradley wondered out loud if we are up to the challenge of being able to make a difference in such a turbulent world.




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