This morning Bradley spoke of our being a manifestation of Christ to a world in need by highlighting the various international outreach ministries we will concentrate on during Lent.

People don't normally use the words, "Episcopalian" and "tossing out unclean spirits" in the same sentence but this morning, given the story from Mark's Gospel, Bradley talked about how that is exactly what we do...with a modern day touch to it.

This morning, Bradley talked about how remarkably simple the calling of Philip and Nathaniel was by Jesus.  In fact, compared to a lot of things, it was simple enough for us to even see our own callings by our Lord as Jesus’ way of doing business as usual.  There is no mystery here.  We are part of that great fellowship of ministers in his name.

Today Bradley talked about the Olympics and our Lord's propensity to get a little speed, plant a toe in the ice, do a triple jump, and land on one foot just so He could do it all over again.

This morning Bradley spoke of the gathering of disciples not unlike a rocket launch nobody remembers from 58 years ago this very Sunday.

On this First Sunday after the Epiphany, Bradley talked about the Christmas event and message that is global in nature moving to the streets with Jesus appearing to common people.  It is kind of like looking at the world from atop the Space Needle in Seattle, and then getting to ground level rubbing shoulders with humanity and becoming the friends Jesus proclaimed us to be.