Bradley reminded us this morning, reflecting on John's Gospel, that as Archbishop Tutu said, Jesus did not say "I will draw some to me and to the others, 'tough luck', he said I will draw all to me."

This morning Bradley observed that this 4th Sunday in Lent called us to rejoice in ways fantastic including heading to the Dairy Queen on the way home.  It’s that liberating!

This morning, Bradley shared some thoughts concerning the Ten Commandments, basically settling on the idea that if we do as Jesus asked us, namely to love one another and be friends, we need not be too worried about attempting to follow the commandments as love encompasses all.

This morning Bradley spoke to the essential calling we have to not allow ourselves to be fractured by our own (and therefore by definition, imperfect) opinions, wisdom and understanding.  We have much more important things to do in the name of Christ and that means that all of us, when times are tough, need to pull together.