This morning on Christ the King Sunday Bradley referenced Jesus' speaking truth to power in his exchange with Pilate. That has become the template for us when we do the same.

This morning Bradley spoke to the choice we sometimes have to make concerning our understanding of God and God's working in a turbulent world.

After speaking to the tragic loss of life at the Borderline Bar and Grill, in Thousand Oaks, California, Bradley continued with his sermon in which he spoke personally about the challenge of operating out of poverty, not unlike the widow did with the offering of her two copper coins to the treasury.

In his sermon, Bradley spoke to the wonderful assortment of saints that have filled the church over the years, and found that their profound diversity mirrors ours as well.  This is a good thing and gives not just strength and color to our history but also to our present ministries within the parish.

In this morning's sermon Bradley spoke of the two disciples who wanted to sit next to Jesus in glory. Little did they know that there would be no sitting around. Glory was found engaging in energetic service to one another.

Bradley began his sermon by addressing the tragic shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and then he spoke to the Gospel according to Mark's understanding that miraculous healing can take place when one is simply in another's company in Christ.

This sermon was delivered at the Healing Eucharist at the convention of the Diocese of Montana. In it Bradley talked about how it is one thing to be healed. It's another thing to get well.

This morning Bradley spoke of Jesus' deep wish that we never get in the way of another's ministry done in his name. As well ministry is so vibrant when it comes out of an awareness of the abundance of blessings received rather than out of the fear of scarcity.

This morning Bradley spoke to Mark's challenge that to receive Jesus, and the one who sent him you merely need to receive a child.

This morning Bradley highlighted from the Gospel that Jesus actually changed his mind and if Jesus can change his mind...

Bradley reminded us that Labor Day is yet another occasion in which the church is called to visibly and verbally preach reconciliation.

This morning, after speaking in tribute to Senator John McCain, Bradley focused on our beginning the process of have a capital campaign for the expansion of our facilities.  Remarkably we are the very people, at this very time, to accomplish this ministry for Christ.

This morning Bradley enthusiastically talked about his favorite breakfast which included a cranberry muffin from the Mug n' Muffin in Cambridge, MA. Would to God we could speak as passionately about the bread of heaven.

This morning Bradley recalled an NPR essay which talked about an unlikely mailbox, hardly thought to be very strong at first glance, especially against the onslaught caused by a snow plow, actually is a pretty good image for the indestructible Body of Christ.

This morning Bradley spoke of the feeding of 5,000 - one of a great chain of miracles still occurring to this day.

This morning Bradley returned to the pulpit following being away for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church and spoke to the "other" miraculous part of the story of the feeding of the 5,000.

Faith always comes easy when there is no stress complicating life.  However when in danger, it can be a different story.  This morning, Bradley compared his nearly capsizing a sail boat, during a storm’s micro-burst, which was frightening in itself, with the disciples and their terrifying trip across the Sea of Galilee. Faith became a learned component, as a result of the experiences, for both Bradley and the disciples.

In his sermon this week Bradley dealt with the challenge of talking about blaspheming the Holy Spirit as an unforgivable sin. As well, Bradley borrowed some of Bobby Kennedy's words from his speech to South African students a couple years and a couple days prior to his being assassinated to mark a sad anniversary.

This morning Bradley talked about how Nikko the dog and Jesus took the right course of action when it came to breaking the rules.

This morning Bradley spoke briefly on the Trinity and then spoke to Memorial Day asking us to remember so many who in very different ways have given their lives for the country.

This morning after talking about the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, Bradley spoke of the winds of Pentecost beginning 13.8 billion years ago with the Big Bang.