This morning, prompted by the reading in the acts of the apostles, Bradley talked about how not only did an earthquake break the chains holding Paul and Silas prisoner but also propelled them and their jailor into a state of reconciliation and ministry.

This morning Bradley talked about how Jesus once again made a lot of folks sore with him as a result of his healing a man outside the normal ways that was supposed to be done.

This morning Bradley talked about how old things were being made new. And if that’s hard to believe he shared some stories that proved it.

In this morning's sermon Bradley talked about the daily business of raising someone from the dead and being raised from the dead, which is much of what Easter is all about.

This morning, Bradley talked about the crazy choice Jesus made in the calling of Saul to be an apostle.  In fact it was so crazy that it made room for all of us to be brought into the ministry of the Gospel.

This morning, Bradley talked about pictures of black holes in space, newly discovered matter that is at once a solid and a liquid, the fact that the Seattle Mariners have a kind of respectable record, and the Resurrection of Christ…all of those, to people like St. Thomas, or Bradley, difficult to comprehend.

Bradley's Easter sermon

Bradley's sermon for the Easter Vigil