This morning Bradley talked about how we walked off the Mount of Transfiguration

with our Lord.

This morning Bradley spoke to St. Paul’s question of how the dead are raised. It seems they are raised in the midst of a raucous party!

This morning Bradley spoke of the Beatitudes…blessed are the poor, the hungry…those who mourn.  Oddly, they most certainly are addressed to us.

In his sermon on Sunday, Bradley spoke about how God’s  extraordinary abundance of blessings can simply upend us and our “reasonable” expectations, thank goodness.

This morning Bradley took an approach to Paul’s great discourse on love found in First Corinthians that might seem unfamiliar.

This morning Bradley focused his sermon on Jesus saying, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor…”  Remarkably that is what we say and do, every day as well, as the Body of Christ.  This is our “business as usual.”

This morning, preaching on the psalm, Bradley spoke about how God saves both humanity and animals, which includes a wonderful dog named, Trowa, and how we come to know that as true.

This morning, in the context of a baptism, Bradley spoke of how we’ve been called to be the very presence of Christ in the world today.

This morning, Bradley spoke to the simple fact that since Epiphany is all about the manifestation of Jesus and his appearance, we, the Body of Christ, are called to equally be the presence of our Lord in our world today, reaching all, and by all, we really do mean, all.