This morning, Bradley preached on his very favorite parable, that of the prodigal son.  When Bradley has the father of the son yelling out, “Dilly! Dilly!” you know he was pretty excited about the grace found in it all.

This morning Bradley spoke to how Jesus cheated death with the parable of the fig tree, keeping the owner of the vineyard from chopping it down.  Death had a rightful claim on the unproductive tree but Jesus pulled a fast one, yet again.

Everything Bradley talked about this morning was bothersome.  The shooting in New Zealand, a shooting in Missoula, and the Gospel. And yet in being troubled we find the Holy Spirit driving us to live out the Good News.

In this morning's sermon centering on the Temptations of Christ, Bradley talked about how God hears, in our saying the Lord's Prayer, our plea that the Father will lead us away from our tendency to head towards our falling into the trap of the world's temptations and instead will lead us towards ministry that is filled with love and compassion.

In his sermon for Ash Wednesday, Bradley invites us to lighten the load as we embark on the spiritual journey the season of Lent offers us.