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To All the Saints,

This is the latest incarnation of our parish’s ministry narrative, a tool for our communal celebration and discernment; where we’ve walked by faith and where we’re being called as a community.

This has been an odd, yet joyful, year for All Saints. After many years of discernment and planning, we are only a month out from completing the renovation of our worship space, an accomplishment that will allow us to gather and expand the Eucharistic community here in the Flathead. I’m also ecstatic to have been called as your new rector after what I can assure you was an incredibly thorough and prayerful process guided by the laity of the parish. These are two major changes in the life of our community, coupled with a global pandemic that has disrupted our day-to-day lives and changed much of the way that we “do church”.

This document is a survey of what we have achieved from September 2019 to September 2020 in five areas of ministry: Service (In-reach/Outreach), Worship, Education, Evangelism, and Pastoral Care. However, as you read this ministry narrative, I hope you view it less as a list of accomplishments, and more as a testament to the resiliency of All Saints.

I ask you to join me in imagining what we can do together when we’re not in the throes of a pandemic, God hasten the day! Though the next year holds many unknowns, we are certain that God is faithful. We must be faithful too, because wherever faithfulness takes us is the right place and the only reason it is right.

In Christ,


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