Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
    You have in your hands our Ministry Narrative.  We’ve been producing this booklet for well over a decade principally to celebrate where God has called us all, as a church, to be his Body in a world which so desperately needs good news.  We also use this tool to look back at the last year and see what we have accomplished for God; what new things we have done as compared to the previous year; where we have been successful; and where we need to augment our ministry to reach our vision mindful of our goals.
    As we reflect back on the previous 12 months, two major changes have taken place.  First, was the retirement of our Rector, Bradley Wirth, after nearly 15 years here.  All Saints' is currently in the midst of the search process to call our next Rector.  The second, is that we have discerned we wish to expand our facilities.  At our Annual Meeting in January 2019 it was announced that we have the funding to go forward with our vision.  Making this building project a reality is reflective of our being one Body in Christ.  And needless to say, both calling a new Rector and expanding our facilities are major undertakings, but sacramentally exciting to behold.

    This document is a description of what we have achieved in five areas of specific ministry: Service (Outreach), Worship, Education, Evangelism, and Pastoral Care.  Of course, any vibrant church is always a work in progress and even before the print dries on this paper we will be invited by God into new challenges and opportunities, yet more occasions in which we can be the living, breathing Body of Christ doing the work of God in the company of his creation.
    We always know God is calling us into a bold future to meet expanding challenges and answer the call to even greater needs in our community and beyond.  As in the past, our response to God’s call to us, through Christ, will continue to stretch us to be more of who God wants us to be.  We are confident that the generosity of spirit which permeates every fiber of All Saints’ will enable us to make an even greater difference in the lives of Christ’s people and God’s creation.

    We hope as you read and reflect upon this Ministry Narrative that you will be excited by what we have accomplished together for God with the resources you have offered.  We invite everyone to be grateful to God for the extraordinary opportunities God has given us this past year.  And, as we turn to the year that lies ahead, let us rejoice in what we have accomplished and respond to God’s call to us with generosity out of the abundance of blessings we have received. We hope you are as excited as we are to embrace these opportunities.

—The All Saints’ Vestry


Dear friends,

    Each year, as I read through this narrative, I’m astonished by this remarkable body of Christ and how we give ourselves away. This is a church and a people who are well familiar with the sacrament of giving away. As we enter this season of stewardship, and the rest of our lives, I encourage us to continue to do what we already do so well. I’m not talking about anything earth-shattering; I’m talking about a conscious surge of kindness.
    Could there be a more opportune time than today for all of us to give ourselves away in increasingly creative and abundant ways? Could anything else we do as individuals and a community contribute so much toward the peace of the world, or earn us so much personal happiness? I doubt it.

Leif Peterson
Senior Warden




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